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What Makes a Great Family Portrait

Updated: Mar 22

What Makes a Great Family Portrait?

When I talk about family photos, it’s all about catching those real, genuine moments that show off what your family is all about. It's not just getting everyone to stand still and smile at the camera; it's about letting everyone’s true colours show in a way that feels relaxed and natural. That’s the real secret to a photo you’ll love for years.

It's All About Being yourselves

The best family photos are the ones where everyone’s just being who they are. You know, those pictures where the kids are laughing, mom and dad are sharing a look that says they’re in it together, and even the family pet gets in on the action. These photos tell your family’s story without needing any words.

The Different Types of Family Photos

There are a few ways we can go about capturing your family in a portrait. You’ve got the classic look where everyone’s facing the camera, looking the one direction and smiling. It’s neat, tidy, and always looks nice on the wall. I always make sure to get these portraits even if your preference if the more documentary family shots. Grandparents in particular love the more traditional family picture and if I don't get that classic "framer" you will hear the inevitable "did ya not get one picture with you all looking at the camera....".

But then, there are the candid shots. These are the golden ones—snapshots of life happening, like mid-laugh smiles, hugs, or those quiet moments together. These photos grab those bits of daily magic that you’ll want to remember. These are my favourite family portraits! The ones that tell a story ...

What’s Around You Counts Too

Your home is where a lot of your family’s story unfolds. So, those little things around the house? They matter. The kids' drawings on the fridge, that comfy chair everyone fights over, or the favourite storybook for the quiet moments. When these things sneak into your photos, they tell a story, and they will spark memories down the line.

Why Home Is the Best Photo Spot

Family photography in your own home isn’t just comfy; it’s where you and your family can really be yourselves. You’re surrounded by all the things that make your house a home. This means everyone’s more relaxed, and it shows in the photos. It’s like inviting a friend over who happens to take great pictures! :-)

Why Go Professional Instead of Just Using Your Phone?

I love a good family selfie as much as the next mum, but there’s something special about a photo taken by a professional portrait photographer. We know all the tricks to make sure the light is just right, everyone looks their best, and those real-life moments are captured perfectly without it feeling forced or staged. It’s about turning the everyday into something extraordinary.

Great family photos are more than just pictures; they’re like time capsules, capturing the love and laughter that makes your family unique. Whether it’s a planned pose, a spontaneous laugh, or just a regular day at home, each photo tells a part of your story. This is what I'm great at.. getting the shots but allowing you to be yourselves in the process. It's my favourite thing in the word x

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