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A Photographer in my Home???

...honestly, it is fuss free, fun and you don't even have to have a tidy house. I get great pics no matter what sort of home you live in.. crafty and chaotic or pristine and polished. It makes no difference to me. Your home is perfect just as it is. It doesn't even need to feature in the pictures.


Family Portraits

Relaxed Family Photography

                                    Photography in your home  - How does it work? 

Photography in the home is easier and more relaxed than studio visits. I arrive to your home ready to engage your children and take wonderful photographs.

You may think your home is not suitable - but it is. I have years of experience of shooting in all sorts of spaces. From the smallest and darkest of apartments to the most cluttered, busiest family houses. I work around everything. One of the skills I am most proud of is the ability to work in all sorts of environments and lighting conditions.

Plus I have the added option of editing out distracting bits and pieces out of the background..from crayon marks on walls to random pieces of lego on the floor. Every picture you see on my website is taken in the family's own home.

Your children and the adults will be much more relaxed in their own environment. Nobody feels "on show" or self-conscious as I have fine tuned the balance between clear instruction and letting it all happen! My sessions are enjoyable, easy and fun and always result in really special images that you will love.

Please click here for information on preparing for your session and an overview of photography with different developmental stages. The FAQ page also has helpful information too.


Following the session I carefully edit your images and prepare a large selection for viewing. Within two weeks I use a private, password secure web page to share those images with the family. The family choose their favourite pictures in their own time, in their own home. This always ends up being the hardest part of the experience!

Location - Baby Photographer. Dublin, Ireland. Covering South Dublin and greater Dublin area.


If you are still unsure, take a look at som​e of the google reviews that my customers have kindly written about the experience.  GO TO REVIEWS

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