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A family photographer who comes to you in your home... 

It's so much easier than you can imagine!

newborn on father's arm

Sinead Feeney - Family photographer and newborn photographer who comes to your home, Dublin, Meath, Wicklow 

Photography in your own home - How does it work?

It's hard to imagine having a photographer come to your home but the feedback I get every day is "It's so much easier than I thought it would be! ". You may think your home is not suitable - but it is. I have years of experience of shooting in all sorts of spaces. From the smallest and darkest of apartments to the most cluttered, busiest family houses. I work around everything. One of the skills I am most proud of is the ability to work in all sorts of environments and lighting conditions. Remember, I'm not photographing your house AND I have the magic of editing afterwards to remove all sorts of things... crayon from walls, snots from noses, a stray sock in the background, a pile of lego in the corner...everything! 

twin newborn baby

The other thing to keep in mind is that you will get a much bigger variety of shots at home too. I spot things in your home that will make great props that you wouldn't even think of . I often use favourite teddies, story books, toys and these little details make for very unique and special images. Everyone is more relaxed too. Children love showing me their bedrooms and all their bits and pieces. If it's a nice day , I often finish the session in the back garden too. But don't worry.. you don't need to have the perfect garden. I only need a hint of the outside in the background. 

mother and father in the garden with girl
young girl looking down
baby photograph with mother and father laughing. Baby has her hands on her dad's face and she is looking at the camera

All you need is to be dressed and ready and I will do everything else. Your family will be in safe and experienced hands :-) 

Sinead Feeney Photography-10_edited_edit
Sinead Feeney Photography-17_edited_edit
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