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Newborn Photography in your home 

Please see some examples of my newborn photography below. Every newborn photoshoot and each baby I photograph is so different so I make sure your pictures will be personal and unique to you. For health and hygiene reasons I don't bring lots of props from house to house. I also want your pictures to reflect your family and I'm not mad about seeing pictures of newborns wearing the photographer's hats, blankets, baskets etc! So I ask you to gather some bits and pieces that you like, blankets, headbands, teddies, or absolutely nothing at all. Often the most beautiful shots are the simplest ones. Your baby, photographed beautifully, as she or he is. I bring a beanbag and base neutral soft, freshly washed blankets and this allows me to photograph your newborn baby in a classic, timeless way that will not look dated as the years go by. 

Sinead Feeney - Dublin based Family, baby and newborn photographer - covering South Dublin, North Dublin, Wicklow and Meath

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Newborn Photography Pricing 

(Same pricing as regular family)

Starter Package

Three 10x8" prints & two 5x7" prints 

€395 including VAT


Full package

Three 10x8" prints & two 5x7" prints 


printable gallery of professionally edited high resolution images (approximately 70 high res jpegs - colour and B&W copy of each picture)

 Framing packages also  available 

Please email or WhatsApp me for full pricing details and I will send them straight over to you

Newborn photography health and safety 

When it comes to newborn photography in the home, I prioritise the safety, comfort, and well-being of the baby above all else. Handling a delicate newborn requires a gentle touch and a deep understanding of their unique needs. I take great care in ensuring the baby is always secure and supported during the entire session. Safety is my top priority, and I am well-trained in handling newborns to guarantee their protection at all times.

Soothing and comforting the baby is an essential part of the process. I approach each session with patience and a calming presence, understanding that babies can be sensitive to their surroundings. By creating a serene and peaceful atmosphere, I help the baby relax, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for both the little one and the parents.

Positioning the baby is an art that I handle with meticulous care. I pay attention to every detail, from the angle of their tiny fingers to the curve of their delicate cheeks. I use soft, supportive props and cushions to gently cradle the baby, allowing them to rest in natural and comfortable poses. Each movement is deliberate, ensuring the baby is in a safe and secure position at all times. I am also really careful about hygiene and I don't bring lots of unnecessary items from house to house. My background is in healthcare so I am well trained in health and safety! Everything I use is sterilised after each session. I wash all my blankets in fairy non bio after each appointment. I am more than happy to wear a face mask if you would like me to. 

 By combining my expertise in newborn photography , safe handling of babies, health and hygiene, I capture precious moments that families will cherish forever, all while prioritising the safety and well-being of my tiniest customers! 

Sinéad Feeney , Newborn and family photographer south Dublin, Dublin, Meath and Wicklow

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