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Extended family Photography 

I absolutely love working with large family groups/extended family groups. It's so special to get everyone together and put aside an hour and a half to have fun and to get a beautiful collection of photographs. I arrive at your home ready to manage everyone, entertain the children and make sure grandparents are looking at the camera! I photograph all combinations of people and groups on the day. You will get a fabulous selection of images of the full family group and generations,  each individual family portrait, every child, brother, sister and everything in-between. I often manage to get wonderful candid family photographs in between the groupings and these are precious to have. My large family photoshoots take place in one the family homes. I just need a large enough space like a kitchen or living room. I often recruit some of the Dads in the group to shift a bit of furniture or take a picture of two down from a wall so we can clear up a blank wall space to get those "studio style" shots. I edit each and every one of your pictures afterwards to make sure everyone looks great and to remove any distracting bits from the background like marks on the wall/a crooked shelf/ window ledge/cracked door frame- anything that would distract from the image... I make sure your pictures look clean, bright and polished. You will love the results. My large family group packages always include the printable edited files so each family can download and print them as they wish. Don't hesitate to get in touch :-)

Picture this: a scene straight out of a comedy movie. Grandparents who keep  forgetting to look at the camera, kids zipping around like mini-tornadoes, and the family dog thinking he's the star of the show. It's like herding cats, but I've got it down to an art! I'm a pro at managing big family groups -  making the children laugh and adults behave! Amidst the pandemonium, I manage to sneak in those classic studio-style shots, where everyone miraculously looks calm and composed, even if chaos reigns just outside the frame. But the real magic? It's in the candid, unexpected moments - like Auntie Niamh chasing the dog, or the toddler photobombing the classic family shot.  I'd love to capture your family's unique brand of chaos and turn it into a funny, beautiful, heartwarming photographs I promise you I will get clean, professional group shots and lots and lots of other family moments that will make you laugh and smile and maybe even shed a tear. 

Sinead Feeney - Dublin Family Photographer specialising in newborn, baby, family and extended family photography in your home 

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