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Why I LOVE my job! 
About me.. 

Professional photography has been in my family for generations. From an early age I was endlessly inspired by my Granddad and his black and white portraits of my Grandmother as a young woman, Lough Corrib in the 1930s and an occasional self portrait that he set up using a string pully to activate the shutter.  My Dad bought me my first SLR camera for my 18th birthday and my interest in photography has been a constant in my life ever since. I've loved portraiture from my early childhood and it has been my interest and passion most my life, but I never dreamed I could make it a career. 

I qualified as an Occupational Therapist in 2001 and quickly specialised in the area of Mental Health. I have worked with families, young people and older adults both in-patient and in the community. I particularly loved working with children and discovered that I could connect quickly and easily with them and make them laugh and feel at ease. I absolutley loved being an Occupational Therapist and I worked full time as a senior OT for 12 years. I never actually intended to change careers!  

I have two children, Max and Eliza Mae. When Eliza Mae was born she seemed to bring a burst of inspiration with her and I set up my family photography business shortly after her birth. I thought I would just do a bit of photography work on the side but it absolutely snowballed! I reduced my OT work to part time, then took a career break to try photography full time and I never looked back! I have worked as a full time family photographer for over ten years and I absolutely love every minute of it. Meeting every family, child and baby brings me enormous joy and I never get tired of making children laugh! I work hard and I put my heart and soul in to my work. I feel honoured to meet and photograph so many beautiful babies, children and families... and this is why I LOVE my job! 


Location: Dublin  Professional Photographer South Dublin :Newborn and Family photographer South Dublin

photographer and newborn
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