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Print it right, frame it right, hang it right!

This is an excerpt from my November 2023 email newsletter. feel free to subscribe!

The first step is taking fabulous photographs and the second and equally important step is getting those pictures up on the walls! Here are some tips and guidance on how to best go about this task.

2. PRINT it right! Not all printers are created equal. Stay clear of printing in chemists and well clear of the big Australian store (you know the one). Stick to places like the Fuji shops, and printing specialists online like Photobox, Optimalprint etc. Also, don't forget you can use Smugmug to print from your gallery from your session with me. The link will still be active. Search Smugmug in your inbox if you can't find the original link.

1 - FRAME it right! You wouldn't believe how many times I go into people's homes and admire the gorgeous frames on their walls only to see the photo inside has slipped halfway down the frame. Sound familiar?! AND it's one of those jobs that we NEVER get around to fixing so there they remain - all lopsided and crooked. If you're planning to buy frames and frame a photograph yourself, there are a few little tips that I'd like to share. The first tip is to make sure you secure the photograph to the mount (the white surround inside the frame). The mounts are not designed to hold the picture in place. You need to use sticky tape to make sure that they don't slip when they're up on the wall. All it takes is a little sticky tape but there is a hack to doing it. Here is a YouTube link to a very easy tutorial about how to do it Adding your photo to a frame so it won't slip. I know it's probably self-explanatory, but it's handy just to see it in action. (some good places for ready-made frames - Appletons in Stillorgan (upstairs), Woodies, Next Home-wear, the Fuji shops. )

3. Hang it right! I found another YouTube tutorial with loads of good tips on how to arrange your pictures on your wall and how to figure out where to hammer the nail so you don't end up with five holes where there should be one (just me?!). You will find the links at the end of the newsletter.

grandson and grandfather hugging
Grandparent gift vouchers


Did you know you can purchase one of my regular family photo packages but use it as a grandparent booking instead? So if you don't like the idea of being in the photos yourself, let the grandparents enjoy this magical experience with your children. These sessions are so special. I will get lots of fabulous natural shots of your children on their own and with their grandparents.

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