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Mother's Day Photoshoot ideas

Dear Mums...I understand how it feels to always be the one capturing those beautiful moments of your partner with the children, and yet rarely receiving the same in return. Why is it that dads just don’t seem to grasp the concept of taking lots of pictures until they capture that perfect moment? Well, it’s time for a change! Here are some easy ideas for a DIY Mother's Day photoshoot...

Here’s our plan: Assign the task to your husband, partner, or anyone else you trust (even one of your older children), hand them your phone with the camera open and give them one clear instruction: keep taking photos until you say stop!

Setting the Scene: Find a comfortable chair and sit down, placing your child on your lap. Stick with natural light and you could even have the window behind you for atmospheric lighting. This setup is ideal for young kids of all ages from toddlers to around nine or ten years old. Instead of posing for the camera, focus on your child. Don't look at the person taking the pictures. Take your child's hand and play “Round and Round the Garden, like a teddy bear..." (Do you remember it? Even older children love this because it reminds them of being really little). When you reach the “tickly under there” part, gently tickle them, keeping your gaze on them while your 'photographer' clicks away.

The Perfect Shot: Once you feel the moment has passed, signal your photographer to stop.

Selection Process: Review each photo taken and select three or four that stand out to you, ones that truly capture the essence of the moment or have the potential to be something special.

Making Magic: Now, it’s time to edit. Transform those pictures into black and white, adjust the exposure, or tweak them until they truly pop. Or, if you’d prefer, send them my way. As my Mother’s Day gift to you, I’d be delighted to edit them and send them back. Consider it my way of helping you preserve these precious moments :-) Together, let’s make this Mother’s Day unforgettable.

Here are some other Mother's day photo ideas...

Mother and Daughter laughing in garden
Mother's day pictures

  1. Shared Activities: Capture candid moments of activities with your children such as reading a book, baking, tying shoelaces or playing with makeup together in a mirror. Experiment with photos where you are not looking at the camera.

  2. Reflections: Oh I love love love photos with reflections. Get some pictures of you and your children making funny faces in the mirror together.

  3. Accessories: Play with props. Try on hats together, scarves, handbags etc.

  4. Jumping: Hold your child's hand as they jump on the bed and then push them over gently... you will all end up laughing and you will get gorgeous shots in the process!

But most of all be brave and ask your partner, sister, older child, friend to help you get lots of Mother's day pictures and please don't forget to edit them afterwards to get them to their full potential. It really is worth the effort.

If you still think you won't be able to get the shots you would truly love, reach out to me. I would be honoured to photograph your family and I always make sure to get loads of gorgeous pictures of the wonderful mums - the true heroes of the family :-)

Mother and Son playing in garden

With Love,


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