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Making Memories Last: Creative Ways to Display Your Family Photos

Hey there!

If you're anything like me, you've got piles of family photos. They're either stuck on a phone or tucked away in drawers But what if I told you there are countless creative, eye-catching ways to bring these memories into your daily life? Let's think beyond photo albums and wall frames.. Let's chat about turning your house into a home filled with beautiful family photography.. professional and phone pictures.

1. Gallery Wall: More Than Just Frames

Sure, the classic gallery wall always looks amazing. But why not add a personal edge to it.. Mix and match frames of different sizes, colours, and textures. Throw in some non-photographic elements like your children's first drawing, a hand print, a meaningful quote in a beautiful script, or even a piece of fabric from a babygrow or you could even frame a first pair of shoes! It's all about creating a story – your family's story. Mix up your family photographs and newborn pictures with other items that spark memories and conversations.

2. The Magic of Unexpected Places

Who said photos can only hang on walls? Think outside the box! How about a series of cute candid shots inside the kitchen cabinets? Every time you reach for a mug or a plate, a funny family moment or baby memory catches your eye. Or place a small framed photo on a bookshelf, nestled between your favourite reads. It's these little surprises that turn everyday moments into something special.

3. Magnetic board

Mix and match all sorts of photos on a magnetic board using magnets to hold them in place. Keep this at eye level for the children and allow them to move them about and arrange them as they wish. Photos don't have to be out of reach, they can be handled and kissed and smudged with sticky fingers. We can always print more at the drop of a hat.

4. Go Big with a Statement Piece

Sometimes, more is more. Select that one photo that tugs at your heartstrings every time – maybe it's a candid family portrait or even better - a professional family portrait. It could be a closeup, natural light portrait of your newborn baby or a funny family moment. Have it blown up and printed on a large canvas. This statement piece can serve as the focal point of a room, sparking conversations and bringing a smile to your face every day.

5. Personalised Photo Gifts

This idea extends the warmth of your family photography beyond the walls of your home. Think of personalised calendars for the grandparents, a photo blanket for the couch, or even custom puzzles for family game night. These items not only add a personal touch to your space but also make heartfelt gifts for grandparents.

Your family's journey is unique and filled with beautiful, fleeting moments. Why not showcase these memories in a way that's just as special? Get creative, have fun, and let your home tell the story of your family's love and laughter. Get those photos off your phone and have fun with them!

'Til next time, Sinead x

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