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Capturing Christmas!

Christmas is a magical time, especially for our little ones. The twinkling lights, the sparkle of ornaments, and all the fun and chaos – it’s all worth capturing. Whether you're using your trusty iPhone or a camera, hopefully, you will find these tips helpful.

1. Lighting is Key: Christmas tree lights create a beautiful, soft glow that can be tricky to get right. To make the most of it, turn off other lights in the room. If you do need other lights, use lamplight and never overheads. This will let the tree's lights shine creating a cosy, warm atmosphere. Avoid using flash if you can. flash takes away the atmosphere of a moment. If you’re using a phone, tap on your child’s face on the screen to adjust the exposure, ensuring their face is well-lit. The portrait mode will blur the tree in the background making it look gorgeous.

I was photographing the most beautiful new baby last week and I couldn't resist this Christmas scene. This particular picture was taken with my iPhone because I wanted to send it quickly to her mum. I used the portrait mode and did a very subtle edit by cropping, warming the tones and boosting the saturation just a little. I love this shot!

newborn baby asleep in front of christmas tree

2. Play with Perspectives: Get down to your child’s level. This angle not only captures the world from their viewpoint but also makes the Christmas tree seem grander and more magical. You can also try shooting from above as they look up at the tree, capturing that sense of wonder.

3. Candid or Posed: While a posed photo in front of the tree is a classic, candid shots often capture the essence of the moment. Snap photos when they’re decorating the tree, unwrapping gifts, or gazing at the ornaments. These natural moments are often the most precious.

4. Focus on Details: Don’t forget the little things – the way their fingers struggle to hang an ornament, their excitement over the elf on the shelf, or their tiny toes peeking out from under a festive blanket. These details tell a beautiful story.

5. Play with Props: Christmas is full of fun props – Santa hats, reindeer antlers, or even a string of lights. These can add a playful element to your photos and are great for encouraging smiles and giggles.

Remember, the goal is to capture the joy and spirit of Christmas through your children's eyes. These photos will be treasured for years to come, not just for you but for them when they grow up. So, have fun, be patient, and let the magic of Christmas guide your lens!

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