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When they just won't smile!

When They Just Won't Smile....!
To be honest, I love really moody shots of kids. In fact the moodier the better! If a fight breaks out between siblings I rarely stop clicking! I have been, on occasion,  accused of provoking my own children to get
the really gritty shots but I can assure you this is certainly not (usually) the case ;)

I find parents often initially really want just the smiley photographs of their children and they are so often
 apologetic if the children are not giving me their best cheeky grins on the day. I try to reassure 
parents that the children don't need to be constantly smiling to get great photos...but this doesn't always stop the apologetic looks and the endless, well intended, parental chanting of "cheeeeeese". So often when I am leaving the house parents look somewhat disappointed that their children didn't show their usual smiley selves to me throughout my entire visit. It all makes sense however when they see their final pictures
and the variety of images we end up with. This is one of the reasons I don't rush off after thirty minutes. I wait until the children are over the novelty of a photographer in their home and they let their guard down...that's when, for me, the real fun begins! 

My Top Three Tips for Taking Moody Children Photographs...
Unless one kid is significantly bigger than the other don't stop clicking if a fight breaks out!
Let them forget you are there with the camera. 
Try not to draw their attention to it by calling them or asking them to smile.
A photo of the screaming toddler? Really??Well.. I think so anyway! :)  

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