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Newborn, baby and family photographer, Dublin

Professional family photography in your own home

Hello! I'm Sinéad, a professional newborn, baby and family photographer in Dublin. I specialise in relaxed, timeless and beautiful portraits of newborns, babies of all stages, children and families. I travel to your home and this works better than you can imagine. You will get a wonderful selection of "studio style" images and natural, tender, candid family photographs too.  I absolutely love working with newborns, toddlers and children of all ages, stages and personalities! I have endless patience and kindness and I like to think that both children and adults can be themselves around me. I am originally an Occupational Therapist with over ten years experience working in mental health with children and adults but eventually my lifelong obsession with portrait photography won out  and I've been a full time family photographer since 2013. Being an OT helps me to tune in to each family and child with sensitivity and care and this combined with professional photography is absolute magic! 

Sinead Feeney Photography, Dublin

baby with blue trousers. Sleeping newborn
Black and white of a young boy with teddies

My style is very natural, unposed and relaxed newborn and family photography but, that said, it is so important to me that parents absolutely love how they look in their pictures. I want you to look your very best and I will make sure your professional photographs are always flattering and beautiful. I am very experienced at photographing new parents who don't feel quite like their usual selves, so you will be in safe hands. I will give you gentle guidance and instruction to make sure you look your most photogenic and gorgeous. At the same time, I will engage your little ones - making them laugh, smile naturally and have fun. I have a gentle way of calming and settling newborns and I create a relaxed environment so that everyone feels at ease in themselves... (including the most hesitant dads!)

Skilled photo editing is a big aspect of my job as a family photographer.  I make very subtle adjustments to each image that you wouldn't necessarily see but will add to the overall polished look of your images. This is what I do best. I will subtly make anything vanish that you would not want in your pictures - breakfast crumbs from the floor, handprints from the windows, spit-up on shoulders, snots, bruises, spots and even circles from under the tired eye of sleep-deprived parents! I tweak lighting, colour, warmth - just enough to keep the photographs natural but to let the beauty of the moment really shine through. 

Three brothers hugging together looking at the camera and smiling
family of four hugging
father holding newborn baby in black and white

I can work in any space, whether it's a cosy, snug apartment or a lively, bustling family home. You might believe your place isn't ideal, but I promise you, it is. I always make it work. I keep a tight crop on my camera so I don't even need to take any of your surroundings in the pictures if you don't want to show your house. I often use windows, blank wall spaces, or corners in your home you would never think I'd use. The beauty of family photography in your own home is that it is stress-free and way more fun!

blonde girl looking out the window

Indoors or outdoors family portraits

Your family photo shoot can be in your own house, outdoors in a favourite location or a mix of both. I usually prefer indoors because light is more flattering and you will get a nicer variety of shots. Also, I can hold a child's attention much better without all the distractions of the outdoors. If it's a nice day we can finish the photoshoot in your garden for a few bonus outdoor shots! 

Relaxed family photoshoot. Black and white image of father, mother and two daugters laughing together
newborn baby with white dog
little boy clapping her hands

Photography Gift Vouchers are available for newborn photoshoots, baby photographs,  family portraits or generations/grandparents photography sessions. I cover most areas of Dublin and some short distances beyond. Please reach out to me if you have questions. All my family photography gift vouchers are packaged in ribbon and are beautifully presented. I can post it to you or directly to the recipient. There are no expiry dates on the vouchers. You can order one of my photography packages or for an amount of your choosing.

Photography Gift Vouchers for family photoshoots, newborn photography, baby portraits and extended family portraits


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Feel free to whatsapp, phone or email me with any questions. I would love to hear from you or take a look at what other families have said about their experience. You can find my google reviews on the bottom this page or on the reviews page. A big thank you to all the parents and children who have given me permission to use their images on my website. I would never use an image without written permission from the parents. 

Sinead Feeney Family Photographer Dublin

two girls sitting in wheatfield in golden light
I love working with family pets too!
I don't offer pet photography exclusively but I always include dogs, cats or any other beloved pet in the shots where I can. 
newborn baby with two dogs
Professional Photography Services

All my photo sessions are on location - in your home or a chosen outdoor area. They take one to two hours depending on the age of the children and the size of the group. I love dogs and family pets nearly as much as children so I try to include them as much as possible  

Newborn and family photographer covering South Dublin, North Dublin, Wicklow and Meath, 

Family photograph mother father and two children hugging

Children and Family Photoshoots

I work really well with children and babies of all stages, ages and temperaments! Parents can relax and enjoy the experience because I connect with the children the moment I arrive and I can entertain, and engage even the shyest child. I will give you lots of instructions so you will feel at ease and know exactly what to do and how to look your best. I personally edit each and every one of your pictures afterwards so everything looks bright, warm and beautiful.  You can expect your family photography session to take between 50 and 80 minutes depending on the age of your children. I am never ever on the clock though and I stay until everyone has run out of steam! 

newborn baby asleep in a blanket. Arms up overhead

Newborn/baby photoshoot (including parents/ family)

My newborn and baby photography is timeless and natural. I come to you so it is stress free. I bring everything I need for the sleepy curled up shots of your new baby. I also will capture a beautiful variety of family portraits, both unposed and more studio style too if you like. If this is not your first baby, I will get lots of photographs of the new baby's brothers and sisters too so your gallery will be full of wonderful pictures of you all -including your pets! I have lots of experience photographing twins too and even triplets! Newborn photography shoots take approximately one and a half hours but sometimes a little less and sometimes a little more. 

granddad and grandaughter in an embrace

Extended Family Photography

It is a privilege to photograph so many gorgeous grandparents. Your extended family photography session can be just with grandparents or with the whole family - grandparents, your brothers and sisters, your in-laws and all the children and their cousins. It's hard to imagine how this works but it does! I can manage family groups of up to around 30 people . You will get a huge variety of shots from the big group down to each individual child and family group and everything in between. They are magic sessions!

Extended family bookings take a very busy one and a half hours.

three sisters in windowsill holding newborn baby brother
Frequently Asked Questions

My Home is small and quite dark. Will it be ok for professional photographs? Absolutely! I have yet to find a home where I cannot work (and I have worked in hundreds of homes of every size and type!). In fact, some of my most beautiful family and newborn images are taken on the dullest of days just using a small window for lighting. I love being a family photographer in Dublin who comes to you in your home and I especially love keeping my photographs unique and special to every family I work with.

Do I need to prepare the house in any way? For your photography session I always ask just to have beds and side lockers clear as I often use upstairs. Other than that, the house does not have to be specially tidied or cleaned in preparation. I know well how busy families are. If I feel anything needs to be moved or cleared I will say it when I get there. Remember, I'm not photographing your house...unless I think something will work particularly well in a shot. Your family photographs will be polished and professional looking no matter what your home is like

I have a toddler who won't sit still. How is that going to work?! You are absolutely right. Toddlers are tricky customers for photographers but toddlers are my favourite little customers! I have lots of tricks and techniques for getting great shots. This is often the age I enjoy the most simply because of the parents' pleasant surprise when they see their gallery! I love photographing babies and toddlers of all ages.

How long does a family photography session last?​ This really depends on the age and number of children I am photographing. For example, babies between the ages of four and nine months are absolutely magical for 40 minutes. They get tired after that. Newborn photography sessions take around one hour and a half but are less predictable so I only do newborn photoshoots on weekday mornings when I am not under time pressure Extended family photographysessions with different family members and generations are also longer in duration. So you can expect your photography session to last anywhere between 45 minutes and 1.5 hours | Family Photographer Dublin

What areas do you cover? I am a Dublin based photographer and I travel to most areas of Dublin, wicklow and Meath I am based in Dunlaoghaire, South County Dublin but I am happy to travel to any part of Dublin. I cover some areas of Kildare too. During very busy periods I may not be able to cover North County Dublin but happy to recommend a colleague who does cover this area.

Is it ok for grandparents to join the photoshoot ? Yes. But I charge a bit more for this but you get extra shots for the extra cost. Please see Prices and packages page for information on Extended Family Sessions.

Do you bring props for newborn photography? I bring a few necessary items. A beanbag for positioning the baby and soft blankets. I don't bring things like hats or headbands. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, I like to keep things simple and timeless. Your newborn or baby, beautifully photographed, is what you will love in years to come. Secondly, I photograph many new babies and I love the uniqueness of each of my photo sessions. I don't want to use the same hats, wraps, headbands on different babies. It's just my preference. By all means, if you have props you like, have them ready and we will use them :-) This is the beauty of a photographer who comes to your house, you can decide which outfits and props to use when I'm there.

I usually hate the way I look in pictures. Will this time be any different? Yes! I am a ninja at making parents look great!! I use the most flattering light and I will prompt and guide you throughout the photo session. Even if you don't feel your usual self after having a baby, you will love how you look in your pictures. I take lots and lots of shots on the day and I go through them meticulously to pick out the ones I know you will love. My guidance at the time means you won't have to worry about things like the dreaded double chin but if there is a hint of one, I can work my magic in the editing! Also, don't worry if you have spots, cold sores or tired eyes on the day of your family photoshoot .. I can magic them away too :-)

When do we see our photographs? I will have your online gallery ready two weeks after your photography session. It is a secure photo gallery site and I will email you a link and text you a password. You will see all your finished professional photographs there and you will be able to download the printable files straight away. You can also share the link with anyone you want to show.

Do we need to choose which photography package in advance? Ideally, yes. It's much better for me if I know in advance that you only want to stick with the basic package. If this is the case I try to limit the number of pictures I take so I don't overwhelm you with choice. If you are going for the printable package, I get a full beautiful gallery of images for you with lots of variety. The beauty of a photographer coming to your home for your family pictures is that you will get a fabulous full variety of images. Each child, all the groupings, the children with their favourite toys.. everything! Payment is made on the day or just before. I will send you a link for payment or cash on the day is great too.

How long do I need to book in advance? Please get in touch as early as you can. My weekends are usually booked up around five or six weeks in advance but I typically have weekday sessions within 1 week to 10 days notice. You can contact me during your pregnancy too for newborn sessions and I can hold a session for you three or four weeks after your due date.

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