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Frequently Asked


My Home is small and quite dark. Will it be ok for photographs?

Absolutely! I have yet to find a home where I cannot work (and I have worked in hundreds of homes of every size and type!). In fact, some of my most beautiful images are taken on the dullest of days just using a small window for lighting. Working in different settings every day ensures that each photo session is unique to the family. 


What areas do you cover?

I am a Dublin based Professional Family Photographer and I travel to all areas of Dublin. I am based in Dunlaoghaire, South County Dublin but I am happy to travel to any part of Dublin. I cover some areas of Kildare too. During very busy periods I may not be able to cover North County Dublin but happy to recommend a colleague who does cover this area.

I have a toddler who won't sit still. How is that going to work?! 

You are absolutely right. Toddlers are tricky customers. It is the most challenging stage to photograph..anywhere from approximately 14 months to two and a half is tricky. That said, I love the challenge and I find it great fun. I don't find it stressful at all, as I'm well used to it, but parents can 
sometimes find it exacerbating.

I have lots of tricks and techniques for getting great shots and I always brief the parents beforehand too. This is often the age I enjoy the most simply because of the parents' pleasant surprise when they see their gallery! 

What should we wear?

I really don't like to direct in this regard too much. I have some information however, on my preparing for your session page which can be helpful. 

Do I need to prepare the house in any way?

I always ask just to have beds and side lockers clear as I often use upstairs. Other than that, the house does not have to be specially tidied or cleaned in preparation. I know well how busy families are. If I feel anything needs to be moved or cleared I will say it when I get there. Remember, I'm not photographing your house...unless I think something will work particularly well in a shot.


Can we go outside for photographs? 

Yes, no problem :-)

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We have a dog, can she be in some of the shots?

Yes, absolutely!

Is it ok for grandparents to be there too? 

Yes. But I charge a bit more for this but you get extra shots for the extra cost. Please see Prices and packages page for information on Extended Family Sessions. 

Do you bring props for newborns? 

I bring a few necessary items. A beanbag for positioning and soft blankets for each family. I don't bring things like hats or headbands. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, I like to keep things simple and timeless. Your baby, beautifully photographed, is what you will love in years to come.

Secondly, I photograph many new babies and I love the uniqueness of each of my photo sessions. I don't want to use the same hats, wraps, headbands on different babies. It's just my preference. By all means, if you have props you like, have them ready and we will use them :-)

How long does a session last?​ 

This really depends on the age and number of children. For example, babies between the ages of four and nine months are absolutely magical for 40 minutes. They get tired after that. Toddlers get tired quickly too but after short breaks they get fresh energy, so those sessions are longer.

Extended family sessions with different family members and generations are also longer in duration. You can expect your photography session to last anywhere between 45 minutes and 1.5 hours.

When do we get to see our photographs? 

I will have your online gallery ready two weeks after your session. It is a secure gallery site and I will email you a link and text you a password.

How long do we have to choose?

I recommend no longer than two weeks. I can extend your gallery if you like but it seems to get harder the longer you leave it!


If I love all my pictures can I purchase a disc and can I print from the disc? 

Yes. I have disc options and packages. Most people end up going for a disc. The pictures are full resolution with no watermark etc. You can print as often as you like. Most avail then of online offers on the various photo websites and create calendars, thank you cards, canvas', photobooks etc.

Can I use one of the images for a thank you card? 

Yes, if you go for one of the disc options. I don't sell individual photograph files.

How long do I need to book in advance?

Please get in touch as early as you can. My weekends are usually booked up around five or six weeks in advance but I typically have weekday sessions within 1 week to 10 days notice. You can contact me during your pregnancy too for newborn sessions and I can hold a session for you three or four 
weeks after your due date.

How do I pay you and do I need to decide on packages in advance?

The session fee is settled up before or on the day of your session. You don't have to commit to any packages before you see your gallery. After you view your gallery you can stick with the session package or opt for additional images/frames etc. Any outstanding balance is settled up before or when
 you get your order.

When will I receive my order?

Your order will be ready for collection within two weeks of placing it. I usually post orders with a €6 postage charge. You can collect if preferred. Framed pieces must be collected.


Location - Dublin, Ireland.

Sinéad Feeney Photography LTD

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