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Taking Better Pictures Yourself

Hello friends! I have been photographing families for five years now and I would love to share some tricks of the trade to help you get better pictures of your own kids. My plan is to send you an email every now and again with tips and advise that you can put in to practice straight away. I will also pass on useful information about products and services from the parents that I come in contact with everyday. I'd also love to share some of the techniques I use to get babies to sleep.  I have become very skilled in this area over the years - if only I knew these things when my kids were babies! 

So let's get started - photographing top tips! 
Those of you who've watched me work with young children will know that the first thing I bring is energy and enthusiasm. To get and keep kids' attention you MUST BE THE BIGGEST KID IN THE ROOM! Kids love love LOVE the anticipation of something happening. They love it so much that they don't even notice if nothing actually happens in the end. It's the build up, the promise, the anticipation of something that keeps their eyes glued to you. So when you want to take pictures of children -  natural, laughing, smiling pictures of children, you've got to bring some energy first and foremost. Use your best excited voice and do NOT MENTION THE CAMERA. You may have noticed that I never, ever, ever mention the word camera, photograph or cheese! "Reeeeeadddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyy?"

If safe to do so SIT THE KIDS UP ON SOMETHING. TAKE LITTLE FEET OFF THE FLOOR and you have their attention. Sit them up on a table and have someone on standby for safety (safety first. Always safety first!). 

Now, you've got to move fast. I MEAN FAST! You have their attention for a short time only. In that window you are not going to stop talking...let them think that the best thing ever is going to happen. Even if you are fiddling around with your camera KEEP THE EXCITEMENT GOING! 

Now that you have their attention...make them laugh. Kids love comedy. Think Laurel and Hardy,  rude noises, slapstick. Just be ridiculous and they will love it and whatever happens keep clicking the camera. If you have another person with you...ask them do bunny ears over your head and you react with outrage. They will laugh their hearts out. Keep taking loads of pictures. Snap snap snap.. sometimes you have to take 20 shots to get the perfect one. But you will get that shot - the picture that you will cherish forever. 

A really good tip is if you have a proper camera don't keep in stored away in it's bag in a closet somewhere. I know they are expensive but they are utterly worthless if not used! Leave it out within easy reach. Keep a memory card in it, keep the lense clean and the battery charged. Your SLR camera is so much faster than the phone and that's the trick. Take bursts of images and not just the one. Remember sometimes you need to take 20 pictures to get one amazing shot. 

I would also really encourage you to learn to use your proper camera. Learn the settings. The best and easiest way to do this is Youtube. There are ENDLESS tutorials on how to use your DSLR. If you can learn to use the settings you won't need to use the flash and that's where the really beautiful images begin. Even as a professional photographer I use Youtube to learn new camera skills and keep my techniques fresh. You don't need expensive courses..just a bit of time and interest. 

Information I have picked up along the way... recommendations from my customers. 
  • Good feedback from a customer about for printing baby cards. This is what she said to me in an email  "I used, very quick turnaround and super value. I didn't like the templates so used the "design your own" option in the wedding card section. Would defo recommend". 
  • For Breastfeeding Mums.. I keep hearing about Angel Cups . Apparently they are really great for those tricky early days and to prevent mastitis. They are expensive but worth it apparently.  

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost! More to come or send me an email to get on my newsletter list 

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