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Why get a professional when you have a smartphone?!

There are so many reasons professional photos are better than phone pictures.. first and foremost is that  you are all in them and they are not awkward family selfies!  Don't get me wrong, phone picturs are wonderful and I use my phone for most my family pictures but one of my biggest regrets is that I never got professional photos done of my own family. Isn't that just typical?! I never got newborn pictures done and I've never had a professional take a family photograph for me. I know I'm going to get it in the neck when my children are older! When it comes to capturing those heartwarming family moments, nothing beats a pro behind the lens. Here's why professional family photography in is always a good idea! 

1. All About That Quality

You know that feeling when you look at a photo and go, "Wow!"? That's the magic of professional photography. The sharpness, the colours, the details – it's like your family comes to life in every picture. You can practically touch the love and laughter captured in high-quality shots. You also have the expertise of someone else to guide you on how to stand and pose and remind you to relax your shoulders and watch your posture! 

2. Pro Know-How

Ever tried to make everyone look amazing in a group selfie? It's not easy! But professional family photographers are like magicians with cameras. We know the best angles, the perfect lighting, and how to capture your family's personality in every frame. It's also another person's perspective on your family and a good family photographer should know how to make your children laugh, relax and be themselves. An experience family photographer will put you at ease and help you relax and look your best. 

3. Memories That Tug at Your Heartstrings

Imagine looking at a photo and feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Professional family photos do that! They capture genuine smiles, laughter, and love – the real stuff. These pictures aren't just for today; they're for tomorrow, creating memories that you'll cherish forever.

4. Emotion Unfiltered

You know how your family has this unique vibe, those inside jokes, and the way you look at each other? Professional family photography captures all of that, unfiltered and pure. No fancy filters can replicate the authenticity of these moments. It's like freezing time, preserving your family's awesomeness for generations to come.

So if you want your family photos to radiate love and happiness, a professional family photoshoot is definitely the way to go. It's not just a photoshoot; it's a fun, heartwarming experience that results in memories you'll treasure forever. 

Go to my google reviews 

Family photograph of four

Creating a photograph gallery wall

Creating Your Family Photo Gallery Wall

I'm often asked what's the best way to build a gallery wall and my go-to response is "don't overthink it'! It does not have to be perfect and sometimes that's the very charm of a gallery wall. I thought I'd write a blog post about it so here are some tips for getting started... 

Step 1: Gather Your Pics

First things first, gather all those gorgeous baby photos, candid shots of your children, and those family portraits that make you smile. No need to be perfect –a mix of professional photography and real, candid moments are what make this wall uniquely yours. If you haven't yet printed them maybe start gathering the frames first so you know what size to print. A mix of sizes and shapes looks great. 

Step 4: Frame It Up

Now, pick out your frames. Mix and match different sizes and styles. . Don't worry if they don’t match perfectly – that's the charm of it all. Please don't forget to sellotape the photograph to the boarder so it doesn't slip in the frame. 

Step 2: Arrange and Rearrange

Here comes the fun part! Lay your photos out on the floor and play around with the arrangement. Start with a focal point, like a big family portrait or a cute baby picture. Then, build around it with smaller frames. Don’t be afraid to overlap frames or have them at different heights – it's all about the organic, lived-in vibe.

Step 2: Measure Twice, Hammer Once

Now, let's talk measurements! Get your measuring tape out and mark the space where you want your gallery. Remember, it doesn't have to be symmetrical – a little bit of a haphazard arrangement can add charm. Measure the approximate space, both height and width, so you have a rough idea of how much room you have to play with. One brilliant tip is to cut paper/tinfoil/newspaper/anything to match the size of the frames (the insert from the back of the frame is ideal!) you have then stick them up on the wall temporarily. move them about until they look nice then mark where you need to put the nails. 

Step 5: Time to Hang

Once you’re happy with your floor arrangement, start hanging. Start with your focal point and work your way out. If you're worried about putting too many holes in the wall,  don't forget about command strips and the likes that won’t damage your paint.

Step 6: Add Personal Touches

Finally, add personal touches. Maybe a cute drawing from your little one or a framed handprint or a framed quote. These little details make your gallery wall uniquely yours.

And there you have it – your very own family photo gallery wall, telling your story in the most heartwarming way. Every time you pass by, it'll be like flipping through the pages of your family's life album. Happy decorating, and enjoy the smiles your new gallery wall will bring!

For loads of visual layout ideas take a look at  of course! 

Photography and Special Needs/Autism

As many of you already know, I have a special place in my heart for photographing children with additional needs. I love working in particular with children with Autism and ADHD. I am an Occupational Therapist by profession and I am also a proud mum of a gorgeous, interesting neurodiverse 10 year old :-)

So if your family, or anyone you know, needs a photographer with a bit of extra understanding and patience, please don’t hesitate to book. I come to your home where your children can be themselves and you don’t have to worry - I will get beautiful pictures for you.

Boy with Down Syndrome with mother


You may already be aware but I have a really great value framing service at the moment available for your gallery pictures from your session. It’s really worth considering. Give me a shout if you want to look at prices.

Don’t forget if you are FRAMING PICS YOURSELF to Sellotape/stick the picture to the mount at the rear of the picture to stop it slipping in the frame! 

mother blowing bubbles to little boy in garden

Top tip for printing pictures from your phone.....


Do you all know that Photobox have a phone app now? It’s so handy. You can order prints directly from your phone. Start scrolling through your pics and popping your printable ones in to a folder. I would personally always do a little phone editing on the ones I’m going to print. Perhaps a little filter or just a crop and a little warmth. It’s worth taking the time to do this.

Mother with newborn baby sitting on the floor



Let's get printing

...You know you want to!        



It has to be done....  

Right everyone, this has to be done….let’s get ALL OUR PICTURES off the computer (Phone pictures included). I can totally relate to my customers when they tell me that their lifetime of photos are sitting on a hard drive somewhere, or if we are super organised we have backed them up on the cloud. But most of us are struggling to actually get them printed as in-you-hand, actual paper, real-life photographs. My suggestion? Good old fashioned photo albums. Yes, just like the ones our parents have…except.. printing photos has never been cheaper. 

We really have no excuse.

So now we (yes you included) are going to print all our pictures, the good, the bad and the ugly.

We are going to get photo albums and actually stick them in to them with glue. If we have older kids, they are going to help. We are not going to worry about making the perfect album, we are not going to sort them in to chronological order and we are not going categorise them because ANY TYPE OF ALBUM IS BETTER THAN NONE AT ALL.

There are loads of places to print pictures but I think it's best to just stick with one place. I personally like Photobox. I am suggesting it because I know firstly that the printing quality is good and secondly it’s because I am most familiar with it. Open an account so your work will be saved and not lost. Next upload all your pictures. Just do it without worrying about which ones you will want and which ones you don’t want. I just uploaded 500 of mine. It took about ten minutes. Next, choose size 6x4 prints. I went for premium, matt with white boarder but any of the options would be fine. 6x4 a small standard size and will print phone pictures well and it’s really easy to find albums for them. NOW is the point where you can untick the ones you definitely don’t want printed. When you have done this order them without overthinking it. I ordered 480 6x4s and it cost €80. That is really cheap if you think about it. Our parents would have spent much more than this on printing pictures from rolls of film and they wouldn’t even have known what the pictures were going to look like. When I got mine back today some are great and others are pretty terrible but at LEAST THEY ARE NO LONGER ON THE COMPUTER!     Success!


Printing your photographs continued....

 My next plan is to pick up some cheap and cheerful Photo albums. I just Googled Photo Albums and Boots seem to have a lovely selection. They will send it to your nearest branch too. Loads of albums that will take 200 6x4s for example. You can get photo albums in Tesco, Dealz, Art and Hobby shop - anywhere. I would suggest, to avoid perfectionism, that you get your older children involved in the next step. Get them choosing, sorting and sticking. Let the albums be loved and pawed and not something that is too precious. Even though I am a photographer, most my family pictures are taken on the phone and live on the computer and believe me, it feels great to have a good chunk of them now printed. Go for it! You will be so glad you did it. 

stock image of landscape

PRINTING your professional images from me can be done really easily too. Your gallery is connected straight to a printers. You don't even need to download your images just use the BUY PHOTO button to access the Smugmug Printing service. So unbelievably easy and this is what I recommend for printing your professional pictures (just so they are 100% accurate in colour and quality)

hands holding


The Grandparent Project

If you are lucky enough to still have grandparents or very elderly relatives I would really encourage you to take lots of pictures of them. I’m not really thinking of the young glamorous grandparents in their 70s but more the children’s great grandparents or YOUR grandparents. People in their very late eighties or nineties (and older) are my favourite people to photograph. Sometimes we forget about the beauty of the elderly - the true beauty of a life well lived and the lines and creases that are earned through experience. I really encourage you to photograph these relatives and document their homes and belongings. Not only could you take lots of pictures of the person (with their consent of course!) but also think about a portrait on broader terms too. A portrait of a person doesn’t always have to be just of that person themselves. Many aspects of a home environment can paint a vivid picture of the life spent there. A portrait can be a calendar, a collection of cups, a jewellery box, a dusty tool shed...

Take a few moments to look at your grandparent’s home with fresh eyes and photograph what you see. What does their mantelpiece tell you about him or her?… take a photograph of it. The inside of a wardrobe is a beautiful snap-shot of the character who owns the clothes, shoes or handbags. Photograph the dry goods cupboard or china tea cabinet. Take a picture of their bookcase perhaps. Think about the person’s hands and photograph those hands doing the activities she/he loves to do. Use your camera or phone to document the story of the person using their everyday belongings to illustrate it. This is a lovely activity to do with older children and your parents too. It can also be a very special project for grandparents and grandchildren to do together - a photographic documentary of that person in their home with their belongings. You will treasure the results forever. 

mother and daughter. Daughter hugging mother

Natural photographs are always the most beautiful 

How To Look Your Best in a Photograph

There's a reason I am behind the camera and that's because I really hate being photographed. I don't usually tell my customers this but I have always been so critical of how I look in pictures and all my worst bits seem to be spotlighted. However, I have learned a few things about photographing people over the years. Firstly is that you see yourself very differently in a picture to how others see view the image of you. It’s kind of like how we hate to hear our own voices. We might cringe but it doesn’t mean that others are reacting the same way. When we look at ourselves in a picture we see all the little bits – the bags under the eyes, the imperfect nose, that crooked tooth etc but when others view the image they see the sum of the parts – and that’s you. They see the YOU that they know and love. They see the familiar expression, the glint in the eye, and a moment in time. If you are camera shy I would really encourage you to practice being photographed. Get over the fear and get in to lots of pictures. As you practice, my suggestion to you is that, for just a moment, you become just a little bit selfish. Give yourself permission to adjust yourself in to a flattering position, if you don’t want to say “cheese” – don’t . Be self aware and don't think about the person taking the picture.

The smile – try smiling your biggest widest smile. Notice how your eyes crinkle up and your cheeks push up any puffy-eyes that may be there. We often instinctively give our widest smile in a picture and that is fabulous for a natural interaction or moment in time. However, if you are posing for a picture and looking at the camera, try soften your smile a little. Practice bringing it to the full beam and then dialling it back to half beam. Notice how it allows the eyes to open back up and the cheeks to relax back down.

Body Position - Relax the shoulders and try tilting the head just a little. Play around with various angles, many people look best if they tip the crown of the head to the Twenty to Two Position (think of the hands of a clock – tip the crown of the head to the 2 )

Double chins. Ah the double chin… the dreaded double chin. This is where we need to be really self aware. If we hate pictures we tend to recoil backwards in to the safety of the double chin. Don’t do it!! Stand with one foot behind the other and put your weight in to the front foot. Now lead your nose and face forward. Imagine there is someone right in front of you and you are leaning in for a kiss. It will feel a bit odd to extend towards the camera like this but it is MUCH MORE FLATTERING. Double chins disappear.

So to sum up – for posed pictures where you are looking at the camera…

Smile full beam then take it back to half beam. Soften around the eyes. Play around with open mouth smile and closed mouth smile. I generally prefer open mouth smile.

Be self aware and practice getting it right in a picture. Forget about the person taking the picture. Their opinions are fleeting, the picture will last a lot longer!

Tilt the head a little . Try the twenty to two position.

Relax the shoulders and try angle the body a bit towards or away from the camera.

One foot should be in front of the other and let your weight settle in to the front foot.

Don’t lift the head – you should not be able to see up the nostrils!

Instead extend the neck forward as if you are leaning in for a kiss.

Breath out and relax.

Remember, you will judge a picture of yourself very differently to how others see it so keep that in mind

Finally, try not to shy away from the camera. The more pictures you are in the more likely you are of getting those flattering pictures. Remember, your own kids will absolutely cherish every picture of you, regardless of how you think you look! Also.. last tip. Ask your partner to take pictures of you with your children when you are not looking at the camera. People often prefer images of themselves when they are not looking directly at the camera. Any questions, give me a shout :-)

Children laughing at the camera. three siblings in hallway



Master the Art of Photography



Newsletter April - Photo Editing

Hello Friends....I hope you and your family are keeping well. As promised, in this newsletter, I will be mainly covering information about photo editing. I hope you will find the information helpful! Give me a shout if you need any further tips or direction and I will be happy to help.

child smiling in playroom
black and white image of girl smiling at camera

Here's an example of a quick shot I took of my daughter. It looks nice but could be better. Here is the same picture in black and white with a bit of cropping and increased exposure and contrast Photo Editing - Let's get started!

Photo Editing - Let's get started!

As you know, I am in family homes every day with my work and I see the most gorgeous pictures on display that have been taken by parents. I often think, with just a little photo editing, those pictures could shine even more. Usually all they need is a little brightening up or a boost to the contrast. It can make a world of difference.


I edit every picture I take. When I use the term 'edit' I don’t mean manipulating the picture. In fact I don’t even own Photoshop! I must be one of the few photographers that does not use Photoshop. Don’t get me wrong, it is an amazingly powerful tool but it’s almost too powerful for family photographs. It’s complicated and it’s an unnecessary beast to tackle. I use Adobe Lightroom and I could not recommend it highly enough.


It is has enough photo editing tools to bring out the best in your pictures, plus it’s a photo management tool. It helps you organise and catalogue your pictures. It’s easy to use and there are so many Youtube tutorials online to get you started. It is a subscription based service but it’s really worth it if you have lots of pictures that you’d like to improve and organise. I find it quite addictive!


Even if you increased the exposure, contrast and boosted the vibrancy of the pictures you will see your images come to life. They have beautiful colour and black and white presets/filters too that can you can play around with. I know I sound like I work for Adobe but believe me I don’t! I’m just a super-fan of Lightroom.


If you are still interested in dabbling in Photoshop you could try the free trial and watch some Youtube tutorials to get you started. 


There are lots of free editing tools out there too. is a web based free tool. It’s excellent too and worth a try. As far as I know, you don’t have to download software so it’s a good place to start. They have two options, one is very like Photoshop and uses layers (it can get complicated) and the other Pixlr Express which I would recommend as a starting point.


To summarise… if you like photography and want to take it a little step further you must get in to editing. It is such a joy to see your pictures come to life. Try some free tools first. I would recommend Pixlr Express (free) or Lightroom (free trial) to get you started.


Concentrate on adjusting the crop, exposure, contrast and vibrancy/saturation first and foremost. Don’t forget Youtube for your basic lessons too. Give me a shout if you have any questions.


For the full newsletter please email me and I will send it on!



Taking Better Pictures Yourself

Sinead Feeney: Posted on 04 March 2018 10:39

Hello friends! I have been photographing families for five years now and I would love to share some tricks of the trade to help you get better pictures of your own kids. My plan is to send you an email every now and again with tips and advise that you can put in to practice straight away.

I will also pass on useful information about products and services from the parents that I come in contact with everyday. I'd also love to share some of the techniques I use to get babies to sleep. I have become very skilled in this area over the years - if only I knew these things when my kids were babies!​

So let's get started - photographing top tips!

natural professional image of three children laughing together

Those of you who've watched me work with young children will know that the first thing I bring is energy and enthusiasm. To get and keep kids' attention you MUST BE THE BIGGEST KID IN THE ROOM! Kids love love LOVE the anticipation of something happening. They love it so much that they don't even notice if nothing actually happens in the end.

It's the build up, the promise, the anticipation of something that keeps their eyes glued to you. So when you want to take pictures of children - natural, laughing, smiling pictures of children, you've got to bring some energy first and foremost.

Use your best excited voice and do NOT MENTION THE CAMERA. You may have noticed that I never, ever, ever mention the word camera, photograph or cheese! "Reeeeeadddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyy?"

If safe to do so SIT THE KIDS UP ON SOMETHING. TAKE LITTLE FEET OFF THE FLOOR and you have their attention. Sit them up on a table and have someone on standby for safety (safety first. Always safety first!).

Now, you've got to move fast. I MEAN FAST! You have their attention for a short time only. In that window you are not going to stop talking...let them think that the best thing ever is going to happen. Even if you are fiddling around with your camera KEEP THE EXCITEMENT GOING!

Now that you have their attention...make them laugh. Kids love comedy. Think Laurel and Hardy, rude noises, slapstick. Just be ridiculous and they will love it and whatever happens keep clicking the camera. If you have another person with you...ask them do bunny ears over your head and you react with outrage.

They will laugh their hearts out. Keep taking loads of pictures. Snap snap snap.. sometimes you have to take 20 shots to get the perfect one. But you will get that shot - the picture that you will cherish forever.

A really good tip is if you have a proper camera don't keep in stored away in it's bag in a closet somewhere. I know they are expensive but they are utterly worthless if not used! Leave it out within easy reach. Keep a memory card in it, keep the lense clean and the battery charged.

Your SLR camera is so much faster than the phone and that's the trick. Take bursts of images and not just the one. Remember sometimes you need to take 20 pictures to get one amazing shot.

I would also really encourage you to learn to use your proper camera. Learn the settings. The best and easiest way to do this is Youtube. There are ENDLESS tutorials on how to use your DSLR.

If you can learn to use the settings you won't need to use the flash and that's where the really beautiful images begin. Even as a professional photographer I use Youtube to learn new camera skills and keep my techniques fresh. You don't need expensive courses..just a bit of time and interest.

Information I have picked up along the way... recommendations from my customers. 

  • ‘Good feedback from a customer about for printing baby cards. This is what she said to me in an email "I used , very quick turnaround and super value. I didn't like the templates so used the "design your own" option in the wedding card section. Would defo recommend".
natural candid image of sisters laughing together

You just gotta laugh....

Sinead Feeney: Posted on 23 January 2017 20:30

I love making kids's one of the joys of my job. I have a few golden rules though....1) never ever ever ask a child to smile. 2. Never mention the camera 3. Don't be afraid to make a complete fool of yourself in the process! Here are a few examples.

Wonderful Hands - Old and New

Posted on 30 June 2016 16:36

newborn baby looking at grandmothers hand

My Hands

These little hands can wave Hello

Or put smudges on the wall

They can fold in prayer, throw a kiss

Or reach up so very tall

They'll clasp your hand for a little stroll

Or shape a ball from clay

But most of all, they'll stay with you

When I'm grown up and far away

natural image of newborn baby on parents hands
mother, father and baby hands together

Hands and Feet

Posted on 30 June 2016 16:26

"Someday I'll jump through puddles, take a stroll of run a race,

Someday I'll walk across the street, or maybe walk in space,

Someday I'll scale a mountain, or join a ballet corps,

Someday I'll walk a tightrope, or explore the ocean floor,

Someday these feet will do some things that only heaven knows,

But for today they're happy just to wiggle all their toes."

closeup of childrens feet
closeup of baby feet
closeup of twins feet

Location - Dublin, Ireland. Professional newborn, baby and family photographer in South Dublin Ireland. Covering all areas of Dublin.

I love to photograph the little details in the photography session. Little toes and fingers especially. I often wonder where their little feet will take them throughout their lives. Travel? Adventure? Who knows?

I sometimes use a macro lens to get the best detail but more often than not, I don't have time to switch lenses with the fast moving feet of some of my customers! I just like to click away with as little distraction as possible. I daren't miss a moment.

feet poking out of crib

Communion photography with a little difference maybe.... 

Posted on 06 October 2015 13:42

Just remembering my communion sessions from before the summer.....I intended to add these ages ago. Thanks girls for your permission!

communion picture of five gilrs
communion picture of five gilrs
communion picture with parasol

Some Recent Work

Posted on 05 January 2015 13:01

Just a few images from some two of my sessions over the past month...thank you for your permission Mums, Dads, kids!

closeup of baby
closeup of baby and mother
baby looking at camera

and here are some pics from one of my favourite sessions with a slightly older family. We had great fun on an early morning session around 
Smithfield fruit market.

teenager in black and. white

The world welcomes... 

Posted on 08 September 2014 21:03

The world welcomes you little guy :-)

sleeping newborn baby
newborn baby with mother sitting on floor


Posted on 21 August 2014 20:48

Happiness is.....

father and son
sisters laughing together in blue dresses

July 2014

Posted on 31 July 2014 20:18

July 2014

I had such a lovely time photographing this family. The girls were like chalk and cheese but there was endless love and kindness between them. I hope that they continue to cherish each other as friends and as sisters forever.

One Boy and His Nan....

Posted on 01 September 2013 21:18

Extended Family Photographer Dublin
back of toddler wearing blue skirt and converse

Cons and a tutu

Posted on 06 June 2013 20:51

May 2013. Love those Cons! Love this little girl! :-)

The many expressions of a two week old - and don't tell me it's wind!!

Posted on 22 April 2013 18:38

baby looking at camera. Black hair

Pure Love

Posted on 14 April 2013 20:15

Pure Love

This little girl and her Granddad have the most beautiful relationship. I really wanted to capture the special bond that was so palpable between them. Her little face just lit up when he came in to the room. The generation gap seemed to disappear when they were together, giving way to play, laughter and genuine fun.

It made me think once more about that unique relationship that often exists between grandparents and children and how it's so important to document it so the memories can last a lifetime.

Thank you lovely little girl! And thank you to your Mum for giving me permission to post these pictures here :')

grandfather hugging granddaughter



Newborn Goodness!

Posted on 26 March 2013 21:11

Newborn Goodness!

On a cold winter's day in spring (!) I had the pleasure of meeting this brand new little boy and his adorable big brother. The little boys were a dream to photograph and we got some beautiful shots of mum and dad with 

the boys too.

The trickiest one by far though was Marley the dog... he really did not want to be photographed. It wasn't until I found myself crawling around the kitchen floor after him, long after the rest of the family had given up, I realised it was time to call it a day... :-)

sleeping newborn baby in father hands
three children laughing lying on a cream blanket


Posted on 04 February 2013 21:15


It's a great idea to get little cousins together for photos. The results can be very funny indeed. Take a look at these little messers! We had such fun taking these photos..well...most of us did. I'm not quites sure about the little lady in the middle :) . I have a special offer for cousin or buddy gatherings. Please click on the link for more information.



There's nothing quite like a sister..

Sinéad Feeney: Posted on 18 January 2013 20:50

Ah sisters...there's nothing quite like them. It truly is a special kind of relationship. I am a middle child in a sibship of three girls so I really know all about it. So when I got the opportunity to photograph this pair
 I snapped it up.

Their giddiness and affection made me smile but I knew well that, like all sisters, it could all melt into tears in one giggly moment. There is something about that very fact however that makes these 
moments all that more precious...
sisters looking at each other laughing



When they just won't smile!

Posted on 08 January 2013 21:44



When They Just Won't Smile....! 

To be honest, I love really moody shots of kids. In fact the moodier the better! If a fight breaks out between siblings I rarely stop clicking! I have been, on occasion, accused of provoking my own children to get the really gritty shots but I can assure you this is certainly not (usually) the case ;)

I find parents often initially really want just the smiley photographs of their children and they are so often apologetic if the children are not giving me their best cheeky grins on the day.

I try to reassure parents that the children don't need to be constantly smiling to get great photos...but this doesn't always stop the apologetic looks and the endless, well intended, parental chanting of "cheeeeeese". So often when I am leaving the house parents look somewhat disappointed that their children didn't show their usual smiley selves to me throughout my entire visit.

It all makes sense however when they see their final pictures and the variety of images we end up with. This is one of the reasons I don't rush off after thirty minutes. I wait until the children are over the novelty of a photographer in their home and they let their guard down...that's when, for me, the real fun begins! 



My Top Three Tips for Taking Moody Children Photographs... 

Unless one kid is significantly bigger than the other don't stop clicking if a fight breaks out!

Let them forget you are there with the camera.

Try not to draw their attention to it by calling them or asking them to smile.

A photo of the screaming toddler? Really??Well.. I think so anyway! :)  

sad looking baby with hood up

All images copryright Sinéad Feeney Photography 2012

Out and About

Sinéad Feeney Photography: Posted on 07 January 2013 11:21

boy walking on street with hat on

Out and About

Here's a few pictures of my little man out and about.

I bring my camera wherever I go. I love to get candid shots of my kids

in everyday situations.

Monkstown Educate Together Christmas Fair.

Sinead Feeney Photography: Posted on 07 January 2013 11:01

Fun at the Christmas Fair!

I had the great pleasure before Christmas taking the photos for Santa's photobooth at the Monkstown Educate Together National School's Christmas Fair. What a great day! I met so many lovely children, babies and families. I had such fun with everyone and I honestly don't think I've ever come across a more pleasant, polite and happy gathering of children.

Well done to everyone for a wonderful and impressive Christmas Fair! I am delighted you all like your images and thank you for all your 
positive feedback and comments.

Here are just a few of the gorgeous kids I met.

two boys with facepaints
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