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In addition to family photography, I also offer a Senior Portraits Service. I have always regretted not photographing my own grandparents in their homes. I have such vivid memories of my grandmother in her kitchen and the rickety old wooden presses where she would hide the freshly baked fairy cakes for us to find. I can clearly see the solid kitchen table with mismatched chairs, the basic electric cooker with cabbage steaming from a big pot. I can picture the side board of trinkets in her living room and the wobbly mirror above the couch.  The net curtains diffusing the light on the elaborate brown, red and orange patterned carpet. 

She always had a fire lit and her mantle piece above that fire was  crowded with photos of grandchildren, and postcards propped behind a candle stick. There was a fine selection china figurines and memorabilia from a once off holiday to Spain (painted castinettes or a spanish dancer doll). I remember the "good room" with the piano and corner display unit with the china cups for special visitors.  I remember it all with such clarity but I don't have any photographs of my grandmother in her home surrounded by her everyday trappings which seem so precious to me now. 

With this in mind, I always encourage people to document the everyday life older relatives in their homes. I offer a home visit senior portrait service to create beautiful natural images of grandparents and elder relatives. In a similar way to my family photography service, I take a natural and relaxed approach to portrait photography.  Seniors are often uncomfortable with being photographed so it's important to me that the session is relaxed, unhurried and unobtrusive. If you are interested in booking a Senior Portrait Session please give me a call. I will be delighted to discuss it further. 
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