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Framing your Photographs

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I hope you love your photographs. I really enjoyed creating them for you, now please don’t forget to print and frame them! Here are my tips/reminders for printing and framing.

PRINTING your digital images

**** IF you have purchased your digital images you can now buy prints and canvases directly from your Smugmug gallery.  I recommend that you print from Smugmug to ensure that your images are professional and accurate. It is a little bit more expensive than your local shops but it is worth it for the colour and quality. You can of course print for cheaper elsewhere but the colours won't always be correct and the quality is often very poor. Smugmug use photographer grade paper and each print is individually checked and printed by hand. These professional prints start at just €4. No need to upload or download anything. It couldn't be easier. If this function is not yet enabled on your gallery please contact me. This is only available to my customers who have purchased the digital versions of their pictures. Professional printing is far superior and will show off your images better.****

FRAMING your Pictures

  •   You should always use a mount with a frame. The mount (the border within the frame) protects the photograph and prevents it from sticking to the glass.

  •   You can frame the photos in the mounts that they have arrived in. The large fit into a 10x12 frame and the small should fit in a standard 10x8 frame (just double check the chosen frame. They seem to vary quite a bit) The mounts I provide will protect the photo very well.

  •   If you are using another mount remove the photograph carefully from its existing mount. It should slip out easily. When you are framing the photograph always tape the photograph to the back of the new mount. This will prevent the photograph sliding within the frame.

  •   Various people have recommended places for frames and I pass on this information to you. Marks and Spencer have a good range of contemporary frames. Tesco are grand and really cheap but their mounts are just paper. However, they have just added a new range which look great. They seem to have proper mounts too…I would definitely check them out.  Woodies have a good selection of frames too. Upstairs in Appletons, Stillorgan have pre-made high quality frames of all sizes. Also, the various fuji photo and printers usually have a nice selection.  Somebody also recommended Debenhams recently too.  Heatons also had really nice 10x8 frames recently €10 each…just black frame with cream mount. Perfect.  I don’t recommend you print from any of these places however – See below.

  •   IKEA. Ikea are wonderful for frames. I love them. They are good quality, very affordable and always on trend. HOWEVER…unfortunately Ikea do not do frames with mounts in 10x8 size. I chose 10x8 because it is a standard size for photographs and a regular frame size in Ireland…except in Ikea. The closest they have are A4 size and you may be able to buy mounts separately elsewhere but I haven’t looked in to this yet. Ikea have unusual sizes and if you wish to print in those sizes such as 10x10, 12x12, 16x16 or 8x12 you can use the Smugmug printing service direct from your gallery (only available to customers who have purchased their digital files from me). 

Enjoy your pictures. Save them, back them up, print them, frame them, make a photobook online...just don't leave them on a computer!

Don’t forget you can always give me a call or drop me an email if you have any questions.  Take care and bye for now                                                           

Sinéad Feeney

Location: Dublin, Ireland. Professional Photographer Dublin: Newborn, baby, child and family photographer. 
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